Emily Tsingou Fine Art works closely with the collector, be it an individual or corporation, to plan and build a collection that articulates the client’s aesthetic taste, fields of interest and budget needs. Our clients range from aspiring individuals who are interested in acquiring a few key works to established collectors who wish to build an extensive, distinctive collection as well as art foundations.

As independent advisors we work exclusively on behalf of our clients and are able to provide impartial advice when purchasing works from galleries, art fairs, private individuals or auction houses. With our privileged level of access we are often able to view works before other parties. When considering a purchase we will be able to provide objective advice as to the critical and market value of a specific work. We will also supply information pertaining to the condition, supply and demand, provenance and pricing analysis.

From time to time, a collection will need to be revised or streamlined. We can recommend which works could be deaccessioned from the collection, the most opportune moment to do so and the most appropriate avenue. We always aim to achieve the best possible return whilst ensuring that the integrity of the collection is upheld.

In addition, Emily Tsingou Fine Art, with its extensive network of professional arts service providers can assist in all aspects of collection management. We ensure the collection is maintained to museum standards, whether it is through record keeping, insurance, shipping, framing, installation, storage, conservation and restoration. In addition we can provide appraisals and assist with museum loan requests.

Emily Tsingou Fine Art offers a highly professional, bespoke and discreet service. Relationships with our clients are long lasting as they are based on dialogue, transparency and collaboration.

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